Homeless Man “Waralop” Receives Reward After Returning Large Amount Of Cash

Homeless Man Receives Favor Over Good Deed

A homeless man named Waralop received a reward after returning a wallet containing a large amount of cash to its respective owner.

Waralop, a poor and homeless man found a brown Hermes wallet at a subway station containing 20, 000 baht and credit cards. The homeless man has returned the expensive wallet to the authorities without any hesitation, despite a large amount of cash.

The 44-year-old man has only 9 baht on his pocket choose to do what is right, instead of spending money to feed himself with the money he found. In return, the homeless man receives the greatest reward for his honesty.

Homeless Man

Nitty Pongkriangyos, the 30-year-old owner of the wallet containing a large of cash did not notice that his wallet was already lost at a subway station. He was surprised when the police told him that they had his wallet.

Homeless Man

“I was totally surprised when the police told me they had my wallet as I didn’t even know I’d lost it. My first reaction was ‘wow’ if it was me in that position with no money, I probably would have kept it,” said by Pongkriangyos quoted by weblogph.

The wallet owner was very happy when the authorities returned his wallet and express his gratitude towards Waralop by giving a favor in return for his good deed. Nitty also said that the homeless man was a good and honest person.

Homeless Man

Nitty give Waralop a new job with a salary of 11, 000 baht and a new home for him. Nitty’s girlfriend Tarika also shared the good deed of the homeless man in the social media. Waralop was also thankful to the couple for their act of kindness.

Homeless Man

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