BREAKING NEWS! PH Defense, Military Chiefs’ Plane “Challenged” By Chinese

Breaking News: China was reportedly to drove away planes with the Philippines’ defense and military chiefs as they were nearing a Chinese man-made island.

BREAKING NEWS – Two aircraft of the Philippines, carrying Manila’s defense and military chiefs, are reported to be driven away by the Chinese as they flew 25 kilometers (15 miles) away in the vicinity of the Subi Reef of China.

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According to the report of the, Delfin Lorenzana, the Defense Secretary, said that there are no any untoward incidents that had happened.

The defense secretary even added that Filipino pilots had received warning from the Chinese that they are abut to enter the border of the Chinese-held Subi Reef.

And the Philippine aircraft had continued flying without any interruptions when the pilots of the said plane informed them that they are still in the territory of the Philippines flying over.

The aircraft is carrying Defense Secretary Lorenzana, Military Chief General Eduardo Ano and about 40 journalists going to Pag-asa Island.

As mentioned in the report, Lorenzana even added that those kind of incident happen normally, most especially in the middle of conflicts regarding territories which is still unresolved.

Accordingly to the report, American ships had also received alike warning from the Chinese which the Americans had ignored.

The internationally known Thitu or the Pag-asa, as announced by the defense secretary,  Philippines would be developing the said island, the 2nd largest in the Spratley. China might have plans of protesting for the development but as stated in the report, Lorenzana is not expecting it to get worse.

Meanwhile, when Lorenzana was asked of his reaction towards the developed China’s Subi Reef which is just near the Pag-asa, he said this through a text message to The Associate Press, “A grudging admiration to the Chinese for their resolve and single-mindedness to bolster their claims. I wished we had the same.”

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