Billionaire Robert Hale Gives Away Cash During Graduation Event

Billionaire Robert Hale Jr. gave away cash to the graduates of a graduation event in a school in the United States.

In most cases, a guest speaker at an event is meant to give an inspiring message or speech to everyone at the event. In the case of billionaire Robert Hale Jr., he made a different mark when he was invited to give an inspiring speech before 1,200 graduates at a graduation ceremony in a United States school.

Billionaire Graduation Guest Speaker Gives Away P68 Million To 1,200 Graduates w/ a Twist

Billionaire Graduation Guest Speaker Gives Cash Gift To Graduates

BILLIONAIRE GRADUATION GUEST SPEAKER – Granite Telecommunications CEO Robert Hale Jr. gave away Php 68 million to 1,200 graduates.

One of the happiest events is the college graduation as it is like the culmination of the long years of the students’ hard work studying and the parents’ hard work in sending their children to school. It is also a success on the part of the teachers who are influential in the lives of their students.

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Usually, graduation programs include the giving of speech by the guest speaker. Most often, school administrators would invited alumni of the school who have been successful in their chosen career or distinguished individuals with inspiring life stories.

Recently, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the United States invited Robert Hale Jr. to speak before the graduates. The billionaire graduation guest speaker is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Granite Telecommunications, a wholesale telecommunications provider.

Billionaire Graduation Guest Speaker Robert Hale Jr
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Based on an article on Pep, Mr. Hale did not just inspired the 1,200 graduates of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in U.S. with his success story. The billionaire graduation guest speaker also gave away a total of around Php 68 million to the graduates of the school.

Hale who found Granite Telecommunications less than six (6) months after he filed for bankruptcy for his previous business has a net worth of $5.4 billion as to Forbes. It was raining when he was giving the speech telling the graduates not to let failure define them.

Although his previous business was a huge loss for him, he did not give up and instead he persevered and became successful in his telecommunications business. Based on the article, he revealed that there was a time when he lost $1 billion in almost an instant but he did not surrendered.

After giving an inspiring speech, the billionaire graduation guest speaker at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s graduation ceremony surprised the graduates when he announced that each of them will be getting $1,000 cash — or around Php 57, 000 each if converted to Philippine Peso.

Mr. Robert Hale Jr. brought two (2) duffel bags filled with envelopes on the stage. He told the graduates that the “gift of giving” is one of the biggest joy experienced by him and his wife, Karen. He expressed to the graduates that he will give them two gifts.

“We want to give you two gifts. The first is our gift to you, the second is the gift of giving. These trying times have heightened the need for sharing, caring, and giving,” the billionaire speaker said.

The twist was that each of the graduates will receive $500 from the billionaire graduation guest speaker and his wife. The other $500 of each graduate will to needy individuals or a cause that is close to the heart of the graduate.

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