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A photo of an old woman went viral on the social media.

PHOTO – A photo of an old woman sitting on the step at the back of the jeepney caught the attention of the netizens. Many expressed their concerns.

Aside from the news reports regarding the political issues and updates on the field of the showbiz industry, there are other posts which circulate abruptly on the social media. Most of these post either spark public concerns, realizations, and interests.

Usually, those that go viral on the online platform does not only come with a great number of shares or views. Lots of commentaries from netizens are also attached to them most of the time.

Sometimes, there are even debates happening on social media when netizens tend to lay their stand regarding a certain issue and argue towards each other’s ground regarding the matter.

Recently, one of the posts that have hooked the online community is a photo of an old woman sitting on the step at the back of the jeepney. The post with numerous comments can be found on the Facebook page Library of Most Controversial Files.

Along with the photo is the caption which goes, ‘This broke my heart more than break up.’ The post has already reached more than four thousand five hundred shares on the online platform. Lots of netizens commented to it.


Photo lifted from Facebook Page Library of Most Controversial Files

One netizen commented that perhaps it is from a far-flung province and the jeepney only p(–foul word(s) removed–) by every two hours. However, she noted that the abled ones and those with strong physique should have given the old woman a seat.

Another netizen commented that in their place, passengers used to ride on the roof of the jeepney – may it be young ones or old ones.

According to the comment of one netizen, he has given up his seat several times everytime he sees older people. Other netizens expressed curiosity on why the jeepney driver has allowed the old woman to sit in that part of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, there are also netizens who commented that perhaps it was really the choice of the old woman to sit on the step at the back of the jeepney. One netizen stated that perhaps the knee of the woman aches and she herself insisted on sitting there.

Some also stated that the photo and the people inside the vehicle should not be judged right away.

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