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Pres. Duterte admitted that he ‘miscalculated’ the extent of the drug problem in the country.

DUTERTE – President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Roa Duterte admitted that he might have miscalculated the extent of the drug problem in the Philippines.

Since the election campaign, the populace has already witnessed on how loud the former mayor of Davao City is when it comes to his madness towards illegal drugs.

His line in his election campaign advertisement wherein he mentioned that he hates illegal drugs has even become popular. He has even promised the Filipino people that he will end the presence of illegal drugs in the country within three to six months in case he assumed the post.


Pres. Rodrigo Duterte / Photo Courtesy of Inquirer

Through a landslide victory in the presidential election, the tough-talking man from Davao City secured the highest position in the country. He then started his ‘war on drugs’ campaign.

After hearing continuous brave warnings from the 71-year-old President, many drug users and pushers have surrendered themselves to the authorities. The government and some agencies, in return, aid the drug patient through the rehabilitation centers and facilities.

Furthermore, in the previous months, the authorities have also discovered some illegal drug laboratories in some parts of the country and many drug suspects were nabbed in drug raids.

Based on the previous news report, it is stated that the chief executive has expressed that there is no stepping back from the problem. His remark came after he presented a thick pile of papers entailing the names of drug suspects.

Undeniably, there are people who question the six-month deadline for the war against illegal drugs as promised by the chief executive.

Recently, a news report in GMA News Online stated that the President admitted that he ‘miscalculated’ the extent of the problem with drugs in the country in his statement during an interview with News Anchor Jessica Soho of GMA.

“I would just say that maybe I miscalculated everything. On the time na I have to put myself point blank personally sa problema [on the problem],” the chief executive said according to the news report. He further added that problem with drugs is ‘serious’.

Pres. Duterte has already asked for an extension way back during the month of September as he expressed that it was already when he is on the position when he truly realized the extent of the drug problem in the country.

“Get back to me three months from now,” the 71-year-old President said. He added that the government is trying to give a solution to the country’s drug problem and to everything.
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