Trending Video: Caucasian Driver Confronts Pinoy FX Driver With A Knife In Road Rage

A Caucasian driver confronted a Pinoy FX driver in a traffic incident.

CAUCASIAN – A video showing a road rage incident between a foreigner driver with a knife and a Filipino driver went viral.

Undeniably, the traffic here in the Philippines is one of the challenges that the people have to face almost every day most especially in Metro Manila. In fact, coding is even implemented in some parts of Luzon so as to decongest the traffic.

Inevitably, drivers and commuters often times are very sensitive considering the heat of the sun and the traffic that can hamper the tight schedule or cause delays in plotted appointments.

Screengrabbed from Video Posted in YouTube

Recently, one video went viral after it showed a conflict between two drivers in the middle of the road.

Based on a recent news feature report in Kami, the conflict arose between a Caucasian driver and a Filipino driver who drives an FX vehicle. What made the road rage alarming is the knife held by the Caucasian driver as he was confronting the Pinoy driver who was still seated inside the FX.

According to the news report, the vehicles drove by the two drivers bumped into each other and that is where the conflict started. The online community has really been hooked by the video as it entailed an alarming scene.

It took a few seconds before the foreigner pulled out a knife that was placed in his pocket and pointed it at the Pinoy FX driver as to the news feature report. The people who have seen the incident then started to scream.

The good thing is that before any of the drivers have hurt each other, a traffic official came to stop them from arguing. However, as it can be heard in the video, the official did not capture the foreigner driver although he has already used a knife in the conflict.

The man speaking in the video can even be heard that the enforcer did not act on the driver as he had seen it to be a foreigner.

Based on the report, the Caucasian driver then went back to his car and went away. Despite that many of the netizens see the FX as the cause of the incident on the road, still, the online community chided the Caucasian driver for his alarming actions.

It is really important that we know how to handle ourselves and manage our emotions most especially when we are faced with challenging situations.

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