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1:17 PM August 24, 2016

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1:17 PM August 24, 2016

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Sen. Honasan asked the PNP Chief on who can give him a task to do. Chief Dela Rosa responded that the President and the Secretary of the Local Government can task him.

The Senator further questioned the Chief if there was an instance that the two higher officials have tasked him something immoral that raised his doubts.

“There was no instance, wala po your honor,” said Chief Dela Rosa.

Further, the Senator questioned PNP Chief Dela Rosa, “The Philippine National Police does not make policy, correct?”

The PNP Chief agreed with the Senator who further clarified, “Hindi kayo ang gumagawa nitong batas. Hindi rin kayo ang dapat mag interpret ng batas, yes or no?”

[You are not the makers of the law. You should not interpret the law, yes or no?]

“Yes your honor,” agreed Chief Dela Rosa.

The Senator added that the PNP implement policy and follows the task given to them.

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