Maricel Soriano Kasambahay Issue: Diamond Star Denies Accusation

maricel soriano kasambahay

Maricel Soriano Kasambahay Issue was recalled Maricel Soriano Kasambahay Issue – The Diamond Star denied that she physically abused her two house helpers. The said issue happened in 2011. This was when Maricel’s former house helpers May Cachuela and Camille Acojedo filed a complaint against her. They claimed that the actress maltreated and incarcerated them. … Read more

Robin Padilla Apologized Over “Suklayin Mo Baby” of His Mustache

Robin Padilla Issues Apology Over “Suklayin Mo Baby” of His Mustache Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla issues an apology after becoming controversial over the “Suklayin Mo Baby” mustache. Senator Robin Padilla apologized to the public after a viral video showed him combing his mustache while attending a Senate meeting. Padilla was spotted combing his mustache while … Read more

Senator Bato Dela Rosa “Ang Ang Ang” Made into a Song

Musician Makes “Ang Ang Ang” Senator Bato Dela Rosa in to a Song A social media musician makes the viral “Ang Ang Ang” statement of Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa into a song. Sean Al, a local artist, made a song out of dela Rosa’s repeated pronunciation of the word “Ang” during a Senate session. … Read more

Guanzon on Senate Hearing for Murder: “Bakit wala tungkol sa inflation rate?

Guanzon Questions Senate for Conducting Hearing for Murder and Not for Inflation Rate P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon questioned the senate hearing for murder and not for the inflation rate. The retired Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner asks the Senate Committee a question on Twitter. She inquired as to why there was no hearing on … Read more

Official Caught Drinking Alcohol During Senate Budget Debates Online

Official Censured After Caught Drinking Alcohol During Senate Budget Debates Online Senators censured an official of printing office after he was caught drinking alcohol during the Senate budget debates online. Dominic Tajon, the general manager of the APO Production Unit, has come under fire after it was discovered that he was drinking while watching the … Read more

Wanda Teo Mistakenly Calls Surigao River As Enchanted Kingdom During Hearing

Wanda Teo

Ex-DOT Secretary Wanda Teo Refers Surigao River As Enchanted Kingdom During Senate Hearing Ex-Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo has mistakenly called Surigao ‘Enhanter River’ as ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ not only once but twice during Senate hearing. On Tuesday (August 14, 2018), Wanda Teo and Ben Tulfo attended a hearing at the Senate regarding the controversial P60 million … Read more

Honasan: ‘The PNP does not make policy’

Sen Gregorio Honasan clarified certain matters with the PNP Chief. HONASAN – In the recent senate hearing, Sen. Gregorio ‘Gringo’ Honasan has thrown clarification questions to Philippine National Police Chief Director Gen. Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa. Undeniably, it is almost in every citizen’s vibration that the Philippine National Police is on its maximum effort to … Read more