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Twin Typhoons Leave Japan Devastated

Three were reported dead, over a thousand others lost homes after the twin typhoons pound Japan.

Three persons were reported dead after twin typhoons – Kompasu and Mindulle – hit Japan.

Over the weekend, Typhoon Kompasu made the first landfall at Hokkaido island where it slayed two persons, including a member of the Japanese Coast Guard. Kompasu remains in Japan but has weakened into a tropical depression.

twin typhoons

Twin typhoons as they rush to Japan.

Long before Kompasu is done lashing the country, Typhoon Mindulle made a landfall in the capital city of Tokyo.

The Japan weather bureau immediately issued warnings on possible landslides, mudslides, wide-range flooding and strong water current and high sea water levels.

Dozens of people were injured, many of them in falls caused by the strong wind, the DPA news agency said.

Hundreds of thousands were urged to leave their homes in the Greater Tokyo area and the north-east, broadcaster NHK reported.

As Mindulle was heading off to the north-east and the island of Hokkaido, weather authorities were warning of mudslides, flooding, swollen rivers and high waves in those regions and eastern Japan.

The second storm caused 26,910 passengers of Japan Airlines stranded in the airport.

All Nippon Airways accounted 21,300 passengers waiting for their canceled flights to resume.

The stranded passengers of All Nippon Airways.

The stranded passengers of All Nippon Airways.

The stranded passengers were scheduled to fly with 500 canceled flights but had no choice but to suspend their trips because the super-fast bullet trains also suffered due to bad weather conditions.

A new casualty has also been recorded in Kanagawa Prefecture. The 58-year-old yet-unnamed victim lost balance and was carried by the floodwater due to strong water current. The victim was brought to the hospital but died later.

Rainfall of up to 200 millimeters was predicted for Hokkaido by Tuesday evening, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

A third tropical storm called Lionrock was south of the island of Shikoku, but is not expected to hit Japan directly.

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