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Duterte’s Shame Campaign: Estrada Says ‘It’s Alright’

Duterte’s shame campaign gained a support from former President Joseph Estrada.

Duterte’s Shame Campaign – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has been very vocal in naming government officials and authorities who are possibly linked to drug trades in the country.

The Duterte Administration is becoming stronger and stronger in its campaign against drugs. Numerous drug users and pushers have already given themselves to the authorities and have vowed never to get involved with drugs again.

What is even more surprising on how the President’s warnings have touched the drug users, pushers, and protectors is that there were government officials who even voluntarily divulged the truth despite staining their names.

President Duterte

The 71-year-old President is filled with bravery as he name names of people who will be investigated for suspicions on drug involvement in the country. This is branded as ‘shame campaign’.

Others were against this as it might name and put to shame innocent people while others support it to give warnings as well to those who were not named yet to give themselves to authorities before the President will be the one to do so.

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