One Direction Fan Blasted for Being ‘Rude’ to Harry Styles.

For the avid fans from around the world, it would be a lucky encounter and even have a selfie photo with One Direction’s Harry Styles.


One Direction is an all-male group that conquered the world through their music and passion. It is no doubt how they have come up with strong and solid fans wherever they go.

It is every fan’s dream to be closer to any of the members of the group and even have a photo.

And this girl is an envy to many because of her close encounter to Harry Styles. She even, managed to take a selfie with the young singer.

But how she reacted and make it through Styles made the fans unhappy. Most likely if you were in the same situation, you would not dare to act this way. But whatever her reason, is it for fun or what, this was not a good view for most of the fans.

It became a stir when this girl wanted to have a wacky pose with the singer.

Apparently, this singer was all too good for the snap even throwing his pose but the girl seemed to have not like how Styles thrown a ‘peace’ sign as he leaned down behind the girl.

The fan then appeared to have rolled her eyes to Styles asking to do a ‘funny face or something.’

The other fans did not like it even making it to twitter calling her a ‘rude’ fan.

“@Harry_Styles the way that fan treated you was awful. she was so rude. don’t feel upset if she didn’t get a ‘silly face or something’ xx,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Next time somebody is being rude to you @Harry_Styles fan or not just walk away babe, they ain’t worth your time.”, another user was quoted as saying.


The singer didn’t look too disturbed with how the fan reacted even carried on in accommodating her.

Last week, the singer fell off while he’s on stage. Fortunately, he came unscathed.


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