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Yam Concepcion: Next Christine Reyes on Rigodon Trailer

Yam Concepcion who was being dubbed as the next Cristine Reyes according to some showbiz insiders, sizzles in the trailer of the latest movie directed by Erik Matti titled “Rigodon.”

The latest addition to Viva talent recently posed on the cover of a men’s magazine, FHM was groomed by Viva as their future sexy actress.

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In the trailer of the movie Rigodon, the actress appears fiddling with a blanket, in one of her most daring role ever played in a movie. The movie Rigodon is set to conquer different cinemas this coming November.

Meanwhile the magazine FHM, dubbed Yam Concepcion as “Viva’s Newest Sweetheart,” and according to her she has no previous plans of making it to showbiz.

The actress also aimed to take the road previously taken by Christine Reyes although she has no experienced with a reality talent search as what Christine have previously experienced. All she wanted is to take the risk by making her debut via FHM and an upcoming sexy film.

Yam Concepcion is still positive that she will make it big and she could showcase her acting abilities in a more mature and dramatic role.

Yam Concepcion Rigodon Movie Trailer

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