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5:32 PM May 25, 2011

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Precious Lara Quigaman

Precious Lara Quigaman

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) made an interview with the blooming and very happy actress Precious Lara Quigaman during her press conference for the ABS-CBN show entitled “Mutya” starring a newest child star, Mutya Orquia.

Quigaman, being the Miss International 2005, is paired with the actor Alfred Vargas on his return to showbiz career.

At that moment, everyone seems to notice the black diamond ring and earrings that the actress was wearing. Because of that, the reporters raise a question whether it was a gift given by her fiancé Marco Alcaraz.

She made a straightforward answer saying that the black diamond set were actually given by Marco for their engagement. She says that her fiancé really knows that black is her favorite color.

She relates the scene she saw in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex in the City form which Parker was given a black diamond by her boyfriend. With that, she told herself also wanted to have a black diamond if ever someone gives her a proposal. That is the reason why Marco intended to give her that.

The actress told reporters that Marco gave it to her late last year while they were making plans for their wedding. She received not just an engagement ring but a set of black diamond earrings as well.

Indeed, Lara is proud to say that her boyfriend loves her so much.

When asked about the kind of wedding they wanted to have, she simply admits that it will definitely be a beach wedding.

Lara chooses to reserve her wedding on the 2012 since her sister’s wedding will happen this year. For that reason, her mother will not be able to come home as she is focused with the wedding preparations for her sister.

The couple Precious Lara and Marco plan to exchange vows most probably on May or October 2012 in Manila saying that their marriage will be open to the public.

The titleholder of Miss International 2005 stresses that she doesn’t believe in superstitions however, she greatly believes in the upcoming expenses they would soon have.

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