Floods Devastated Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland State, the third most populous city of Australia with over 2 million inhabitants was devastated by floods. For the past few days heavy downfall of rain keeps this city from unprecedented flooding.  Although this city had already experience its worst flooding of the century during the January, 1974 flooding devastation, the situation is different now for the reasons that their urban population had grown tremendously.

The 1974 flood which devastated Brisbane leaves 14 people dead and 200 Million Australian Dollar in damaged. The city’s population during that time was just 900,000 compared the 2 million people as of this time.

Australia’s flooding had already taken the lives of 22 people since November and 43 people still missing. The numbers are expected to rise. It is the costliest devastating flood in Australia.

The Brisbane River which was named also after the City’s named,  derived from Sir Thomas Brisbane. This river will be reaching it’s height on thursday as predicted. 20,000 homes would likely be damaged according to Brisbane Mayor Campbell Newmann. Some surging, muddy waters have already reached the traffic lights.

The estimated cost of damaged could reached around  $5 billion dollars,  as stated by  Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. Australia in all it’s might have used all the necessary elements of government in order to make ways on how to minimize the outcome of the flooding.

Queensland flood is one of the catastrophic event that had already reached its 22nd day, Australia was a victim of a natural disaster that swift across its territory, the flooding in Victoria, bush fires in Western Australia and wild storm in Western territories. This devastation will surely be one of the most tragic moment in Australian history.


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