Viral Pinay Teen Becomes Charles & Keith Brand Ambassador

Viral Pinay Teen

Charles & Keith Chooses Viral Pinay Teen Zoe Gabriel as Their Brand Ambassador The viral Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel becomes the ambassador of the Singaporean fashion brand “Charles & Keith”. Charles & Keith, a Singaporean fashion brand, recently announced Zoe Gabriel as their brand community ambassador. This announcement came as part of the brand’s International … Read more

Charles & Keith Brand Gives 2 Customized Bags to Viral Pinay Teenager

Viral Pinay Teenager

Viral Pinay Teenager Received 2 Customized Bags from Charles & Keith Brand The Singaporean fashion company Charles & Keith gives two customized bags to the viral Pinay teenager Zoe Gabriel. Last week, the Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel becomes one of the most discussed topics online after flexing her “Charles & Keith” bag. She described … Read more

Filipina Teen Gets Bashed for Describing Her “Charles & Keith” Bag as Luxury

Filipina Teen

Filipina Teen Received Distasteful Remarks for Flexing Her “Charles & Keith” Bag A Filipina teen received criticisms and distasteful remarks online for describing her “Charles & Keith” bag as a luxury item. A Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel has shared the video footage of herself flexing a “Charles & Keith” bag. The video immediately spread … Read more