Viral Pinay Teen Becomes Charles & Keith Brand Ambassador

Charles & Keith Chooses Viral Pinay Teen Zoe Gabriel as Their Brand Ambassador

The viral Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel becomes the ambassador of the Singaporean fashion brand “Charles & Keith”.

Charles & Keith, a Singaporean fashion brand, recently announced Zoe Gabriel as their brand community ambassador. This announcement came as part of the brand’s International Women’s Day campaign.

Zoe Gabriel is a Filipina teenager who received online hate for expressing her excitement for a Charles & Keith bag on social media.

In January, Zoe posted a video on TikTok in which she responded to those who mocked her for calling Charles & Keith a luxury brand. Her response went viral and sparked a debate among netizens about what defines luxury.

Despite the backlash she faced, Zoe’s love for Charles & Keith’s products did not falter. She continued to support the brand and even received two personalized versions of the Gabine bag when she was invited to their headquarters in Singapore.

Viral Pinay Teen

The company’s decision to make Zoe their brand community ambassador sends a powerful message about the importance of positive representation and the power of social media. Zoe’s appointment demonstrates that the brand values diversity and inclusivity.

Zoe’s Filipina heritage adds to the brand’s diverse representation, and her appointment is a positive step toward empowering young women from all walks of life.

Additionally, Zoe’s appointment as the brand community ambassador highlights the power of social media and its role in shaping the perception of a brand. Her TikTok video went viral, and the subsequent response from Charles & Keith demonstrates their willingness to engage with their audience and address their concerns.

Viral Pinay Teen

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