Lifeless Body of Newborn Baby Found Dumped in Baguio City

Newborn Baby Found Lifeless After Being Dumped in Baguio City A lifeless body of a newborn baby inside a bag was found in the Baguio City garbage site after being dumped by irresponsible parents. In Loakan Proper, Baguio City, the body of a newborn baby was discovered in a shoe box discarded in the garbage. … Read more

15-year-old Mother Promoting “Teenage Pregnancy” Criticized Online

Young Mother Criticized For Promoting Teenage Pregnancy On Socila Media A 15-year-old mother earned criticisms form the online community for promoting teenage or early pregnancy on social media. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most common problems among teenagers today, not only in the Philippines but in many other countries around the world. Early marriages … Read more

1-Year-Old Child Dies After Spanking with Wood by 18-Year-Old Mother

1-Year-Old Child Dies of Repeated Spanking with Wood by Young Mother A one-year-old child dies after repeatedly receiving a spanking from an 18-year-old mother in Barangay Upper Bicutan in Taguig. After reportedly being hit with a stick by his young mother, a boy died as he received bruises and wounds. The grandmother of the victim … Read more

Creepy Shadow Found On Mother’s Photos Carrying Her Child Scares Netizens

Creepy Shadow

Mother’s Photos Carrying Her Child With Creepy Shadow Behind Scares Netizens The creepy shadow found on mother’s photos carrying her child has scared the netizens after it was posted on the social media. Nowadays, most people do not believe in paranormal activities and supernatural creatures due to the modern technology. However, there are still some … Read more