Yam Concepcion Leaving Showbiz After Marrying Partner?

Yam Concepcion

After marrying, will Yam Concepcion stay in the USA for good? YAM CONCEPCION – “Init Sa Magdamag” lead star Yam Concepcion will be marrying her long-time partner this July, will she leave show business? Miguel Cuunjieng is the boyfriend of actress Yam Concepcion who she will be marrying in New York this July. In a … Read more

Yam Concepcion Wedding With Partner Will Happen End Of July

Yam Concepcion

The wedding of Yam Concepcion with non-showbiz partners is set to happen this July. YAM CONCEPCION – Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion shares that she is bound to wed this end of July with her long-time non-showbiz partner. “Init Sa Magdamag” actress Yam Concepcion has been engaged on New Year’s eve of 2019 with long-time boyfriend Miguel … Read more

Yam Concepcion Future Husband Shares Story Of Their 2018 Engagement

Yam Concepcion

“Init Sa Magdamag” actress Yam Concepcion and her husband-to-be share the story of their engagement. YAM CONCEPCION – Here’s the engagement story of Yam Concepcion and her fiance Miguel Cuunjieng as they shared the happenings in a vlog. Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion is already engaged to long-time boyfriend Miguel Cuunjieng as per a previous article. It was December … Read more

Yam Concepcion Boyfriend Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Actress

Yam Concepcion

The long-time boyfriend of Yam Concepcion has this sweet message to her on her birthday. YAM CONCEPCION – Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion receives this sweet birthday message penned by her long-time boyfriend. Miguel Cuunjieng is the long-time and long-distance boyfriend of “Init Sa Magdamag” actress Yam Concepcion. They got used to being far from each other … Read more

Yam Concepcion Shares How She, BF Miguel Cuunjieng Make LDR Works

yam concepcion miguel cunjieng

Yam Concepcion talked about her boyfriend Init Sa Magdamag actress Yam Concepcion shared how she and her boyfriend Miguel Cuunjieng are making their long-distance relationship works. Having a long-distance relationship takes a lot of work compared to those couples who are frequently spending time together. In the case of Yam, she and Miguel are keeping … Read more

Yam Concepcion “Bad Trip” Mood After One Netizen Mentioned “Rigodon”

Yam Concepcion

Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion slams person who mentioned the film “Rigodon”. YAM CONCEPCION – Film and television actress Yam Concepcion hits back to this netizen who mentioned her previous film “Rigodon”. ABS-CBN actress Yam Concepcion has been known for her 2012 erotic and adult thriller film “Rigodon” directed by Erik Matti. She then rose to … Read more

Yam Concepcion Describes Kissing Scenes With These Actors

Yam Concepcion

Yam Concepcion describes her past leading men through their kissing scenes. YAM CONCEPCION – “Love Thy Woman” actress Yam Concepcion rates her previous leading men whether “wet, wild, or sweet” through their kiss. Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion is currently one of the most sought-after “kontrabida” after playing the role of Jade Bartolome in “Halik”. Other … Read more

Yam Concepcion Speaks About Long-Time Boyfriend Miguel

Yam Concepcion

Yam Concepcion speaks about her boyfriend for five years. YAM CONCEPCION – Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion finally speaks and reveals something about her long-time boyfriend Miguel CuUnjieng. During her Magandang Buhay guesting, Yam Concepcion opened up about her boyfriend and her experience when she first time spent a vacation with his family. It was actually … Read more