Xian Gaza Valentine’s Greeting Features Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque

Xian Gaza has this Valentine’s greeting

Social media personality Xian Gaza shared a greeting on his Facebook page for Valentine’s Day and this featured former couple Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque.

Xian always shares intriguing posts on social media, like blind items and juicy gossip. The most recent blind item that he shared was about foul play in the death of a male personality’s death.

Xian Gaza

Xian also did a live featuring the speculations surrounding the breakup between Bea and Dominic. He even said the 4 Bs in the life of Dominic Roque.

bea alonzo dominic roque
šŸ“·: @dominicroque IG

At times, he would receive amused comments about what he posts but there are times when he would also get bashing. On February 14, as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, Xian Gaza greeted his social media followers.

He used an art card with “Happy Valentine’s Day” text and heart figures. The background of this was a photo of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque.

xian gaza post

In the comment section of Xian’s post, netizen Marki Tan commented, “Dimunyu.” Then, Facebook user Melgasbar Villaflor said, “Napaka bully mo talaga idol. Haha.” In his reply to the netizen, Xian said that he did not make the art card and that someone just sent this to him on Messenger, and just shared it.

xian gaza comments

Meanwhile, Bea and Dominic confirmed their breakup through their joint statement on Instagram which came days after speculations about the status of their relationship. The former couple asked the public to let them have their privacy even though some confirmed their breakup without their consent.

Bea and Dominic got engaged in July 2023 and it was expected that their wedding would happen this year. Their prenuptial shoot was supposed to happen this first quarter of 2024 and this was supposed to happen abroad. However, this will not push through anymore.

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