Xian Gaza Shares More Revelations About FynestChina

Here’s the post of Xian Gaza about Fynest’s luxury car.

Pambansang Marites Xian Gaza started a buzz with a single blind item and here’s his new post about him.

People online are left abuzz because of the posts of “Pambansang Marites” Xian Gaza about social media personality FynestChina.

Known for his extravagant lifestyle and being very generous to his family is FynestChina. He is not permanently based here in the Philippines as based on his vlogs, he would often just visit here to see the fans and his family.

Apart from his extravagant lifestyle, he is also known for splurging outrageous amounts of money just to accept the challenge of a follower.

Many were mind-blown as the money involved in every challenge increased. Fynest also went viral last year after disclosing his monthly expenses during his vacation in the country. According to his video, he would spend millions monthly.

His extravagant lifestyle caught the attention of many and they started to wonder what could be his job or business abroad to be able to afford these luxurious lifestyle.

However, just how open he is in terms of his spending is opposite to how quiet and mum he is about his job. According to him, he has a business but refuses to reveal it. He also doesn’t have a direct answer when asked what his job is which, on the other side of the coin, is understandable but only to an extent since he’s made himself a public figure already.

With all this buzz going around him, Pambansang Marites Xian Gaza or Christian Albert Gaza dropped some more revelations recently after posting a blind item that left people speculating. In his new post, he lambasted the vlog where Fynest bought a luxury car worth over Php 25 million as part of a challenge.


In his video, his luxury dream car is a 2024 Mercedez-Benz G-Wagon 63. According to Gaza, someone who knows the manager of the car dealership informed him that the vlogger did not buy anything and just went there to record a video. He even quipped, “This chesmes is kompirmd 100%”

However, it is possible that he rented one for his content. In the comment section of his post, he seemed to apply sarcasm when he wrote, “binarya yung 25-30 million pesos sabay promote ng Youtube sa dulo.”

See below:

Xian Gaza

Meanwhile, Xian and his girlfriend just got engaged. Known as the guy of proposals, this time, the proposal he did was accepted. He is also not debunking the talks about having a ladyboy for his soon-to-be wife.

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