Diary Of Wuhan Resident: “This Is The First Time We All Became Nervous”

Diary Of Wuhan Resident – Teacher Shares Her Daily Life In Wuhan Amidst Virus

DIARY OF WUHAN RESIDENT – A teacher from Wuhan described what it was like in his daily life amidst the lockdown, panic, and fear caused by the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

Diary Of Wuhan Resident: "This Is The First Time We All Became Nervous"
Image from: The Straits Times

As the virus began to spread, the government was forced to quarantine Wuhan. At least nine million people were under lockdown on January 23. Later, the order was expanded to the entire Wuhan province.

In an article by Aljazeera, a teacher tells the story about what it’s like living in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus.

My city has been ill for over a month now, and it has been sealed off for a week. Millions of us have been put under quarantine for seven days now, and all of this still feels surreal.

The teacher said he’d been repeating the same pattern every day: “eat, sleep, eat, and the cycle continues “.

All entertainment shows have also been cancelled by the government, and that leaves only the news about the virus playing on a loop on TV. Every aspect of my life is constantly reminding me of a single fact – the virus outbreak is still very real.

Empty streets were the only thing visible outside of his window. The neighborhood was eerily quiet. The only thing outside was flickering streetlights and a giant LED screen with a public announcement: “Stay Indoors”.

Diary Of Wuhan Resident: "This Is The First Time We All Became Nervous"
Image from: Aljazeera

All of this almost feels like a scene out of a zombie movie.

He continued saying that this had never happened, not in his life, and not in his parents. “The memory of waking up to a city completely sealed off remains fresh“, the teacher said.

Having seen what the SARS outbreak did, this still is the first time we all became nervous. That’s also when I realised the situation had gone way beyond what the official facade looked like.

As per the report, the teacher expressed that he was overwhelmed during the first days of the lockdown, but, amidst everything, he felt fear the most.

The morning of the lockdown private cars was desperately trying to escape Wuhan. However, the teacher’s family was in the city. Instead, he rushed out to get facemasks.

However, they were all out. That’s when the teacher began to panic and freak out. There was one thing going through his head:

What if I couldn’t get them? What if I or someone in my family got infected?

Luckily, after trying several different pharmacies, he managed to get some. He added that it was the last time he was outside his house for more than an hour.

When going out for food, people needed to get their temperature checked and were required to use hand sanitizer before going inside supermarkets.

As the Lunar New Year came, the once vibrant Wuhan was replaced with a zombie apocalypse scene from the movies. All of the past rituals done have been forgotten.

The gala hosted by China’s state television angered me even more. The entire country was struggling to cope with the virus outbreak and thousands of people were getting infected in Wuhan alone. But there was almost no mention of Wuhan during the gala except for poetry recitation.

“Wuhan will be changed forever, and now, we are just anxiously waiting for the epidemic to end”.

You could read the full article from Aljazeera here.

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