Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks In Hong Kong, Now She Wears One

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks Last Year, Now She Wears One

CARRIE LAM – The Hong Kong Chief Executive had previously banned the use of face masks in Hong Kong but now, she is wearing one.

Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks In Hong Kong, Now She Wears One
Image from: CNN

Just a few months ago, government officials from Hong Kong wearing face masks would be unthinkable. However, in a press conference, the official did.

Why did she ban face masks?

According to a report from CNN, about three months ago, Lam executed colonial-era emergency powers in order to ban people from wearing face masks in public assemblies as anti-government protests flood the city.

During this time, protesters wore face masks, helmets and goggles to hide their identity and protect them against tear gas with fights against the police.

Carrie Lam Banned Face Masks In Hong Kong, Now She Wears One
Image from: CNN

As per the report, for the entire half of 2019, the face mask was a symbol of Hong Kong’s political uprising. With the people of Hong Kong fought for democratic reform, the masks signified where you stood.

However, with the rise of the Wuhan virus epidemic, the officials from Hong Kong were quick to wear face masks as the government looked to heighten efforts to better public health.

Currently, there are eight confirmed cases of coronavirus in Hong Kong. During the press conference, she announced travel restrictions across the Chinese border.

From January 30, four land borders to China had closed until further notice. Flight from China would have also decreased by 50% and most train services would be put on halt.

Meanwhile, all ferry services except those from Macao would be stopped. Along with this, bus and coach services at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge have been suspended.

In addition, Lam said individual permits for China Mainland tourists would also be stopped.

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