Lovely Bride Uses “Carabao” as Bridal Car During Wedding Day

Lovely Bride

Heartwarming Video of Lovely Bride Using “Carabao” as Bridal Car During Wedding Day Goes Viral Peñablanca, Cagayan – A lovely bride goes viral online after using a “Carabao” as bridal car during her wedding day. Wedding is a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations. It is an act where couples exchange vows in … Read more

Photographer Lauded Client for Inviting Housemaids & Drivers During Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Photographer Praises Kind-Hearted Client for Inviting Household Workers During Wedding Day A photographer has expressed his admiration towards client for inviting its housemaids and drivers during her wedding day. A Facebook user named Luis Macalinao has shared the photos of several household workers sitting at a table like other guests during employer’s wedding. The post … Read more

Groom Passes Away Due to Asthma, Buried During His Wedding Day


Groom Passes Away Due to Asthma, Buried During His Wedding Day A groom passed away due to asthma a few days before exchanging vows with his fiancée and got buried during his wedding day. The couple James Edem and Angela Durias were supposed to tie the knot on Thursday (September 2, 2021). The two were … Read more

Eat And Run: Wedding Guests Took Of After Reception

This Couple’s Guests At Their Wedding Left Right After Their Reception EAT AND RUN – A case of eat and run happened in a couple’s wedding after guests exited the program after eating during the reception. Wedding ceremonies are some of the most valuable moments in a couple’s story. Check out this awesome wedding moment … Read more

Heart Recipient Walks His Heart Donor’s Daughter To The Altar

Heart Recipient

Heart recipient accompanies the daughter of his heart donor to the altar on her wedding day. HEART RECIPIENT – Arthur Thomas, a retired adviser in college, walked down the aisle Jeni Stepien, the daughter of the donor of his heart, Pennsylvania. Most girls really see wedding as the most important event in their lives. It … Read more