Ivana Alawi Earns Millions Within 6 Hours Through Live Selling

Ivana Alawi Shares How She Earns Millions Within Six Hours Through Live Selling

IVANA ALAWI – YouTube star and actress Ivana Alawi shared how she earned millions within 6 hours through live selling.

Live selling, also known as live commerce or livestream shopping, is a retail trend where products are promoted and sold through live video broadcasts online. It combines elements of e-commerce, influencer marketing, and live video streaming.

During live selling events, hosts or influencers showcase products in real time, interact with viewers, answer questions, and provide demonstrations. Viewers can then purchase the featured products directly through the live stream, usually via integrated shopping platforms or links provided during the broadcast.

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Live selling has become increasingly popular, particularly in markets like China, where platforms like Alibaba’s Taobao Live and Tencent’s WeChat have facilitated its rapid growth. It provides a more interactive and engaging shopping experience compared to traditional e-commerce, allowing viewers to ask questions, see products in action, and receive immediate feedback from hosts or other participants.

This trend has also been adopted by social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where influencers and brands host live-selling events to reach their audiences directly.

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Ivana shared an astounding story about earning over 10 million pesos from her live selling on TikTok. According to a report from News 5 Everywhere, Ivana explained how it happened.

“Nag-live ako from 6pm naatapos ako 12 am. ‘Yun yung kumita ng 8 digits,” said Ivana.

Because of this, it’s not surprising that she was awarded as the TikTok Shop celebrity of the year. In the TikTok shop, her health and beauty products like Ivana Skin and AI Beauty are also available for purchase. Many continue to patronize the quality of her products.

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According to Ivana, despite her active involvement in the TV series FPJ’s Batang Quiapo and her YouTube channel, it’s still beneficial to have a backup plan, and that is through entrepreneurship.

“Iba yung business, iba yung pag-aartista. ‘Pag nag-artista parang mag-iisip ka na ‘ay kailangan ko ng back up. So having a business is really important.”

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