Ice Buko Vendor Sidelines as Vlogger to Help Family

Hardworking Ice Buko Vendor Sells Products and Sidelines as Vlogger to Support His Family

An ice buko vendor from Barangay 3, Purok 1, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental sidelines as a vlogger to help his family.

The 38-year-old ice buko vendor named William Castañeda is not only selling Ice Buko but also sidelines as a part-time vlogger. For the past two years, William has been braving extreme weather conditions, trying to sell his Ice Buko product.

The latter perseveres to provide for his family. Apart from his daily routine, he also had a bitter experience with his previous partner. William is part of a family of four siblings, three of whom still do not have families of their own.

Ice Buko Vendor

Despite the challenges, Castañeda uses all his resourcefulness to put food on the table and support his family.

His dedication doesn’t end with selling Ice Buko; William is also a vlogger, managing a channel called “Blade ng Pinas” with over 500 followers. He dedicates his spare time to vlogging when he’s not busy with his Ice Buko business.

The vendor’s life is far from easy as he faces tough circumstances and financial hardship. However, his extensive knowledge in various fields such as carpentry, masonry, rice planting, and even driving a small tricycle allows him to make ends meet.

Ice Buko Vendor

“Sabay lang ta sa dalagan sang panahon, importanti ara lang ta sa limpyo nga pamaagi sa pagpangita sang kwarta,” said William.

The hardworking guy also emphasized the importance of adapting to life’s challenges and finding clean ways to earn a living. His commitment to his family’s well-being and his ability to use various skills showcase the strength of individuals in making a living, despite any instances.

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Ice Buko Vendor

Ice Buko Vendor

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Ice Buko Vendor

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