Ivana Alawi Boyfriend Is Rich Politician Separated From Wife?

Who is the current boyfriend of Ivana Alawi?

The boyfriend of actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi is allegedly a rich politician who was separated from his wife.

Ivana is one of the most popular showbiz personalities of this generation. She is also one of the most followed celebrities on social media. Her YouTube vlogs would easily get millions of views in a short time.

For the longest time, Ivana shared that she is single but just recently, she admitted in a vlog with A-list actress Bea Alonzo that she is dating someone.

ivana alawi
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Ivana Alawi shared that her boyfriend is not from the entertainment industry. She did not further say anything about the identity of the special man in her life now. However, the actress-vlogger said that he boyfriend is very humble.

In a recent article by entertainment writer Salve Asis in Pilipino Star Ngayon, she mentioned that after Ivana admitted that she is in a relationship now, rumors surfaced that her boyfriend is a rich politician who was separated from his wife.

Totoo kayang mayamang pulitiko na hiwalay sa misis ang sinasabing boyfriend ni Ivana Alawi sa kasalukuyan? Ito ang pinag-uusapan matapos ngang umamin si Ivana na in love siya,” Asis wrote in her article.

The entertainment writer added that it is also rumored that the non-showbiz guy who was with Ivana was with her on her recent Japan vacation. Asis also shared that the said politician is known for being lowkey.

Meanwhile, Ivana Alawi shared a vlog that easily got millions of views. It was her mukbang vlog with Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera but she became a victim of prank.

However, this was criticized by social media personality Xian Gaza who said that the whole prank thing was scripted. On the other hand, Xian just recently shared a post saying that he regretted bashing Ivana and that he hoped she would forgive him.

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