Motorist with Broken Tires Got Arrested by Traffic Cops for Illegal Parking Violation

Motorist with Broken Tires Arrested for Illegal Parking Violation Elicits Comments A motorist with broken tires got arrested by traffic enforcers for illegal parking violation elicited comments in the online community. Government agency staffs have been pushing for more efficient implementation of traffic laws aimed at helping to reduce traffic congestion and road discomfort and … Read more

Viral Motorist Who Violated Road Rules Angrily Threatens Traffic Enforcer

Viral Motorist

Viral motorist threatened traffic enforcer. VIRAL MOTORIST – This motorist who had a road violation angrily threatened the traffic enforcer who imposed proper sanction over violated rule. In every violation, there should be proper sanctions to be applied. These rules and regulations, especially, on the roads, are the ones which keep the order and avoid … Read more