Valentine Rosales Sides with Rendon Labador: “Go baby!”

Valentine Rosales Supports Rendon Labador Against Celebrities Defending Michael V Social media personality Valentine Rosales shows support for Rendon Labador against celebrities defending comedian Michael V. Former adversaries appear to be banding together against celebrities. Valentine Rosales’ wind has shifted because he is now siding with the divisive Rendon Labador in response to what Kapuso … Read more

Michael V versus Rendon Labador: Tuesday Vargas Defends Comedian

michael v rendon labador tuesday vargas

Michael V had a reminder for content creators and this did not sit well with Rendon Labador Comedienne-singer Tuesday Vargas defended Kapuso comedian Michael V following social media personality Rendon Labador’s criticism. To recall, Michael, also known as Bitoy, shared a post on Instagram featuring a reminder for all content creators or those who are … Read more

Tuesday Vargas Posts Selfie “Ngiti ng Laos” Amid Snubbing Issue

Tuesday Vargas Ngiti

Tuesday Vargas Posts “Ngiti ng Laos” Selfie After Snubbing with Newbie Stars Comedienne Tuesday Vargas posts a selfie on her Instagram stories with a caption that reads “ngiti ng laos” after snubbing issue. Recently, Tuesday stirred buzz online after she shared her experience with some newbie artists at an event. The comedienne expressed her annoyance … Read more

Tuesday Vargas Receives Apology From RM Of Snobbish Young Artists

Tuesday Vargas

After being snubbed by newbies, Tuesday Vargas receives an apology from their road manager. TUESDAY VARGAS – Bubble Gang star Tuesday Vargas shares being snubbed by young artists and their manager reached out to her. In a previous article, comedienne-singer and Bubble Gang star Tuesday Vargas shared her unpleasant experience with “feeling sikat” showbiz newbies during an event. She … Read more

Tueday Vargas Snubbed by “Mga batang artista”: hinarangan ako kala magpapa-picture ako

Tuesday Vargas

Tuesday Vargas Shares Being Snubbed by “Mga batang artista” Comedienne Tuesday Vargas airs dismay after being snubbed by newbies or what she called “mga batang artista”. The comedienne expressed her annoyance with young artists on Facebook after they allegedly ignored her at an event. The comedian, singer, and TV host posted a series of posts … Read more