CCTV Captures Face of ‘Akyat-Bahay’ Suspect in Talisay City, Cebu


CCTV Caught ‘Akyat-Bahay’ Suspect Stealing Valuables From House in Talisay City, Cebu A CCTV captured the face of an alleged ‘Akyat-Bahay’ suspect after burglarizing a house in Talisay City, Cebu. A suspected member of an “akyat-bahay” group was arrested in Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines, for allegedly burglarizing a house and taking valuables worth P161,000 on … Read more

2 Minors Left in Tears After Allegedly Seeing ‘Mananangal’ in Talisay, Cebu


2 Minors Screams in Fear After Allegedly Seeing ‘Mananangal’ Two minors get emotional and bursts into tears after allegedly seeing a “manananggal” atop of the roof in Talisay City, Cebu. Nowadays, most people do not believe in paranormal activities and supernatural creatures due to the modernity of our time and technology. Many of us believe that those … Read more

Bodybuilder Shoots 2 Relatives to Death Over Missing Dumbbells

Bodybuilder Runs Amok, Shoots 2 Relatives Due to Missing Dumbbells Authorities arrested a bodybuilder after he runs amok and shoots two relatives to death due to missing dumbbells. A bodybuilder from Talisay City, Cebu, purportedly shot three of his family after discovering that his dumbbells had gone missing. Rogelio Fernandez Jr., 39, a food delivery … Read more

Merchandiser Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Chocolate at Supermarket


Police Authorities Arrest Merchandiser For Allegedly Stealing Chocolates at Supermarket A merchandiser has been arrested for allegedly stealing a chocolate at a supermarket in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Nowadays, robbery has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. Some criminals have no choice but … Read more

Bongbong Marcos: Talisay Mayor’s Statement On Throwing of Flyers Incident

bongbong marcos neil lizares

The Mayor of Talisay City released a statement on the “rudeness” that Bongbong Marcos experienced Mayor Neil Lizares of Talisay City, Negros Occidental issued a statement regarding the throwing of flyers incident that happened during the UniTeam caravan headed by presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos. On February 23, BBM, along with vice-presidential aspirant Sara Duterte and … Read more

Actual Footage of Another Landslide in Talisay City, Cebu Circulates Online

Another Landslide

Another Landslide in Talisay City, Cebu Disables Road Access for Motorcycle Riders and Vehicle Drivers The actual footage of another landslide in Talisay City, Cebu is currently circulating online and elicits comments from netizens. Landslide is one of the unexpected natural calamities or disasters that could hit a certain place. It is usually caused by … Read more

Ex-Couple Reunites at Holding Area for Curfew Violators


Ex-Couple Photographed Holdings Hands Detention Center for Curfew Violators FORMER LOVERS REUNION – An ex-couple has been reunited again at a holding area for curfew violators in Jaclupan Gym, Talisay City. The Facebook page of “City of Talisay Police Support” has shared the controversial photo of an ex-couple who has been reunited again after violating … Read more

Fleeing NPA Rebel Abandons Child In Talisay City, Negros Occidental


Fleeing NPA Rebel Abandons Child In Talisay City, Negros Occidental TALISAY CITY – An NPA rebel, who was evading soldiers, abandoned her two-month-old son in Brgy. San Fernando, Talisay City, Negros Occidental. “We are saddened that the baby was abandoned by her mother for a senseless cause,” This statement came from Lieutenant Colonel Gerard Alvaran, … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: First COVID-19 Case In Talisay City, Negros Occidental


BREAKING NEWS: First COVID-19 Case In Talisay City, Negros Occidental FIRST COVID-19 CASE IN TALISAY CITY – The government of Talisay City, Negros Occidental recently recorded its first COVID-19 case, This was confirmed by Talisay city mayor Neil E. Lizares, who added that proper safety and security protocols are now being conducted. Lizares said that … Read more