Store Owner Exposes Faces of Individuals Involved in Shoplifting Incidents

Store Owner

Store Owner Posts Faces of Shoplifters Involved in Theft A store owner has exposed the faces of individuals involved in shoplifting incidents inside his small supermarket. In a small supermarket in Birmingham, England, the owner, Danny Khan, couldn’t handle the continuous attacks on his business by shoplifters he caught in the act. The continuous attacks … Read more

Store Owner Jailed for Squeezing Chest of Customer in Cebu

Store Owner Squeezing Female Customer’s Chest for Fun Arrested Police authorities arrested a store owner for allegedly squeezing the chest of his female customer for fun in Carcar City, Cebu. Carcar City police arrested a sari-sari store owner in Sitio Cabiawon, Barangay Valencia, Carcar City, Cebu hours after he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old female customer. … Read more

Sales Agent of Counterfeit Cigarettes Arrested in an Entrapment in Isabela

Counterfeit Cigarettes Sales Agent Arrested by Police in an Entrapment Operation Authorities arrested an alleged sales agent in an entrapment operation for selling counterfeit cigarettes in Villaluz, Delfin Albano, Isabela. Jerry Mamauag, a 33-year-old married agent from Santa, Tumauini, Isabela, is the suspect. According to Delfin Albano Police Station Chief PMaj. Richard Limbo, their station … Read more

Sari-Sari Store Owner Mauls Customer for Disturbing His Sleep

Sari-Sari Store Owner

Sleeping Sari-Sari Store Owner Mauls Customer for Disturbing His Rest SAN JOSE, BATANGAS – A certain sari-sari store owner allegedly attacked a male customer buying cigarettes for disturbing his sleep. Sari-sari store is one of the most popular retail outlets in the Philippines offering convenient service and affordable products to Filipino consumers. They are also … Read more