Most Incredible Fast-Food Chains all Over the World

Most Incredible

Restaurants That Has the Most Incredible Designs Most Incredible Restaurants that was designed by popular architects and designers to give satisfaction and instagramable photos to customers. An elegant fast-food joint contains an undercurrent of irony. While calorie-heavy and unhealthy, fast food remains a culinary institution around the world as a cheaper and frequently more convenient … Read more

Instagram Foods: What’s New In These Famous Places?

Instagram Foods

Here’s a list of Instagram foods for you! A list of must-try foods. INSTAGRAM FOODS – Check out some of the latest news in the local food scene here, some foods you must try. Through the years, things are evolving and transformed. And when it comes to the food business, in order to get hefty … Read more

Starbucks Philippines Opens Selected Drive-Thru Stores Starting April 9

starbucks philippines

Here are the selected drive-thru stores of Starbucks Philippines Starbucks Philippines announced the opening of selected drive-thru stores starting April 9 amid the enhanced community quarantine. As EQC was implemented almost a month ago, several establishments had to close temporarily, except the supermarkets and essential stores. This measure was done in order to prevent the … Read more

Starbucks Offer Free Snacks For Healthcare Workers In Manila

Starbucks Manila healthcare workers

Starbucks Donates Free Sandwiches, Other Pastries For Manila Health Workers STARBUCKS – Mayor Isko Moreno shared some photos of Starbucks’ donation to healthcare workers in Manila. The 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring out the best in Pinoys. Companies, celebrities, and civilians are doing what they can to help the frontline health … Read more

Starbucks Menu List: Beverages & Foods You Can Avail In Shop

Starbucks Menu List

Here’s a Starbucks menu list for you! STARBUCKS MENU LIST – Here’s the menu list containing scrumptious foods and coffee drinks you can order and avail in Starbucks. The Starbucks is a coffeehouse which has stores in every place made for all the coffee lovers out there. Each cup has a superb taste and paired … Read more

I Was So Angry When I Discovered My Misspelled Name at Starbucks! But When I Saw This Video!

Starbucks Spelling

As an avid Starbucks customer, I felt so angry when I discovered that the barista who took my order misspelled my name at Starbucks, without knowing that there is something brilliant on the coffee giant’s tricks to misspell their customers name. When I saw the video explanation, wherein the company revealed the real reason why they … Read more