Scottish Vlogger Criticized for Distasteful Remarks on Filipino Work Culture at Starbucks

Scottish Vlogger

The Scottish vlogger Dale Philip has faced criticism for making distasteful remarks about Filipino customers turning Starbucks into their personal working space. Some internet users have condemned the UK-based vlogger for criticizing Filipino work culture in a popular coffee shop in the country. He expressed his displeasure as he witnessed customers using their laptops at … Read more

Foreign Vlogger Faces Backlash for Criticizing Filipino Work Culture at Starbucks

Foreign Vlogger

Foreign Vlogger Dale Philip Receives Criticisms for Condemning Filipino Work Culture at Starbucks A foreign vlogger faces backlash for criticizing the Filipino work culture at Starbucks, one of the most popular coffee shops in the Philippines. Recently, UK-based vlogger Dale Philip shared a video clip during his visit to the Philippines, he stirred controversy by … Read more

Jeepney Passenger Flexes Drink From Starbucks, Rides Jeep

Jeepney Passenger

Jeepney Passenger Elicits Reactions Online After Flexing His Drink From Starbucks & Jeepney Ride A jeepney passenger has become an online sensation after flexing his Starbucks drink while opting for a public jeepney ride to his destination. Starbucks, a name that resonates with coffee lovers worldwide, has become synonymous with more than just a cup … Read more

Netizen Displays Photo of Starbucks on His Computer Screen While Drinking Coffee


Netizen Goes Viral Over Displays of Starbucks on His Computer Screen While Drinking Iced Coffee He Ordered A male netizen elicits reactions online after displaying a photo on his computer screen while drinking the iced coffee he ordered. Starbucks, a household name synonymous with coffee culture, has become an iconic brand that has revolutionized the … Read more

Famous Coffee Shop Goes Viral After Crew Misspelled Customer’s Name as “Benge”

Famous Coffee Shop

Crew of Famous Coffee Shop Elicits Reactions Online After He Misspelled Customer’s Name A famous coffee shop in the country goes viral and earns reactions from the netizens after a crew misspelled the customer’s name. Starbucks is a global coffee company and coffeehouse chain that has become a household name. Founded in 1971 in Seattle, … Read more

Lady Netizen Shares Her Own ‘Tipid’ Tip “Starbucks P200, Siomai P60”

Lady Netizen

Lady Netizen Flexes Starbucks Coffee P200, Siomai P60: “Para Tipid” A lady netizen goes viral and elicits comments online after sharing her own ‘tipid’ tip method “Starbucks P200, Siomai P60”. Frugality is a lifestyle that emphasizes responsible spending and saving money. It involves being mindful of your expenses and making conscious decisions about where and … Read more

Student Drinks Coffee at Starbucks & Eats Pancit Canton for Dinner “Kailangan magtipid”


Lady Student Eats Pancit Canton for Dinner After Drinking Coffee at Starbucks A student goes viral after drinking coffee at the popular coffee shop Starbucks but eats pancit canton for dinner. Starbucks Corporation is a coffeehouse and roastery reserve multinational corporation headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. Nowadays, … Read more

Most Incredible Fast-Food Chains all Over the World

Most Incredible

Restaurants That Has the Most Incredible Designs Most Incredible Restaurants that was designed by popular architects and designers to give satisfaction and instagramable photos to customers. An elegant fast-food joint contains an undercurrent of irony. While calorie-heavy and unhealthy, fast food remains a culinary institution around the world as a cheaper and frequently more convenient … Read more

Instagram Foods: What’s New In These Famous Places?

Instagram Foods

Here’s a list of Instagram foods for you! A list of must-try foods. INSTAGRAM FOODS – Check out some of the latest news in the local food scene here, some foods you must try. Through the years, things are evolving and transformed. And when it comes to the food business, in order to get hefty … Read more