Netizen Shares Encounter w/ Senior Citizens Who Mistaken ‘Matcha Latte’ for Pandan

Lady Netizen Goes Viral for Sharing Hilarious Encounter w/ Senior Citizens at Starbucks

A netizen has shared her hilarious encounter with a group of senior citizens who mistook her matcha latte for pandan.

Facebook user Paris Sua posted a photo of the matcha latte she had ordered from Starbucks, along with her amusing interaction with a group of senior citizens. The post quickly went viral, sparking various reactions from fellow netizens.

Sua, a regular customer at Starbucks, was waiting outside the coffee shop with her two-year-old son while her husband went inside to place their order. Little did she anticipate that an encounter with a group of senior citizens would create such a memorable moment.

Matcha Latte
Photo Courtesy of PSND

As her husband approached with their drinks, a trio of seniors – comprising two women and one man – walked by. To everyone’s surprise, the elderly gentleman exclaimed that the pandan flavor drink was delicious, mistaking their matcha latte for pandan.

Me and my 2 year old son were waiting outside Starbucks while my husband ordered. Tapos nung parating na ung husband ko while carrying the orders, may napadaan na group of seniors (2 babae and 1 lalaki) then biglang hirit nung lalaki ’yun masarap, pandan flavor!’,” she said.

Paris and her husband struggled to contain their laughter until the senior citizens were out of earshot. She shared her amusement at the unexpected confusion between their matcha latte and pandan.

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According to Sua, it’s common for some people to mistakenly associate matcha latte with avocado. However, this incident marked the first time someone had referred to it as “Pandan.”

Nagkatinginan kame nung husband ko habang nagpipigil ng tawa. Nung medyo makalayo sila saka talaga kame natawa kasi madalas avocado napagkakamalan si matcha, now lang namin na encounter na pandan naman,” she added.

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