TikTok: Here Are The Countries Where The App Is Already Banned


Here Are The Countries Where TikTok Is Banned TIKTOK – Here is the list of countries where the popular social media app TikTok is already banned. Authorities in the United States are targeting TikTok, threatening a nationwide prohibition unless its parent company, ByteDance, based in China, sells off its operations there. This potential ban looms … Read more

Netizen Says “Ang sakit lods” After Flexing Anonymous Message From Social Media App


Netizen Gets Emotional After Receiving Anonymous Message From Social Media App The photo shared by netizen Carl Angelo Burcer Antolin, featuring an anonymous message on a social media app, has garnered various reactions online. In his post, Antolin expressed his emotions about the received message, stating, “Ang sakit lods” (It hurts, bro). In subsequent lines, … Read more

Bondee: Here’s How To Join Gen Z’s Latest Virtual Social App


Bondee: Everything You Need To Know About The New Social Media App BONDEE – This latest social media app enables netizens to interact with their friends online using personalized avatars. Bondee, a new social media app, is gaining popularity in the Philippines. It, unlike its competitors, allows users to engage with one another using personalized … Read more

Lady Slams Disrespectful Netizens for Calling Deaf Interpreters “Nagti-TikTok”

Lady Slams Disrespectful Netizens Who Scorn Deaf Interpreters A lady netizen slams disrespectful netizens who scorn deaf interpreters of ABS-CBN Tv Patrol, saying that they are doing “TikTok” actions. Nowadays, social media users are hooked with the multimedia platform called “TikTok”. This app has made many people entertained amid the lockdown and stay at home … Read more