Bondee: Here’s How To Join Gen Z’s Latest Virtual Social App

Bondee: Everything You Need To Know About The New Social Media App

BONDEE – This latest social media app enables netizens to interact with their friends online using personalized avatars.

Bondee, a new social media app, is gaining popularity in the Philippines. It, unlike its competitors, allows users to engage with one another using personalized avatars.

Each user is given a customizable space in which they can create digital plazas. The user can then tap their friend’s space to see what they’re up to. They could also do things like go camping, dance, or swing. Furthermore, the sailing element allows them to make new friends.


How does Bondee work?

This metaverse app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You must make an account, as with other social media apps. Then you can design your avatar.

You must design a 3D digital character or avatar to represent yourself instead of sharing a photo of yourself.

You can alter your character’s facial features, skin tone, hair, clothing, and other accessories. Next, you must improve the appearance of your digital environment. Consider it your “room” or “home” in Bondee. Add chairs, beds, and other inside fixtures until you and your pals are satisfied.

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Bondee allows users to record up to 50 words at one time. Your areas will be linked into a “plaza” if you connect with other Bondee members. It gives you an overview of your own and your friends’ places. You may also tap your friends’ places to see what they’re up to and send messages.

Why limit yourself to DMs (direct messages) when you can do other things? Here are some activities you might enjoy with your Bondee friends:

  • Sitting on a sofa
  • Camping
  • Dancing
  • Having a picnic

You could meet other users in countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Bondee was ranked among the top ten social media platforms in Japan at the time of this writing.

Bondee is a popular social media app in the Philippines. It enables Pinoy netizens to interact with their friends online using personalized avatars.

Bondee is not the only social media platform that is taking on Twitter and Facebook. Mastodon and Discord’s Gas app, for example, have been surging globally.

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