Hacker Controls Smartphone After Connecting to Public Wi-Fi


Smartphone Compromised by Hacker After Connecting to Public Wi-Fi HACKING INCIDENT – A hacker was able to control a smartphone after the lady owner connects to a free public Wi-Fi. A woman found herself in a disbelief as she witnessed her cellphone’s screen moving on its own. It happened after she connected to a free … Read more

vivo Y36: The Ultimate Guide for Casual Gamers

Vivo Y36 1

The Ultimate Guide For vivo Y36 Gamers Welcome to the ultimate guide for casual gamers using the vivo Y36 smartphone! This guide will help you make the most out of your gaming experience by showcasing the incredible features that the vivo Y36 offers for gaming. Whether you’re into action-packed shooters, immersive RPGs, or relaxing puzzle … Read more

iPhone: Trick To Make Battery & Data Last Longer

iPhone 7

Guide On How To Make iPhone Battery & Data Last Longer IPHONE – This particular iPhone configuration might be causing your battery to deplete faster and use up your data. Here’s a guide on how to turn it off. Understanding how to deactivate Wi-Fi Assist on iOS might offer a solution to the vexing problem … Read more

iOS 17: Here’s How To Blur Sensitive Images

iOS 17 6

How To Configure iOS 17 Sensitive Content Warning IOS 17 – Here’s the procedure to configure everything and safeguard your vision from unexpected explicit content in your inbox. If you’re using your phone during your daily activities, the last thing you’d want is to open your device and discover an image that you can’t erase … Read more

iPhone: Use This Trick To Stop Phone From Listening To You

iphone 7

Here Is How To Stop Your iPhone From Listening To You IPHONE – Your iPhone has the capability to listen to your conversations. Here’s how you can stop this from happening. Concerned about whether your iPhone might be eavesdropping on your conversations? If you’re using Siri’s voice prompts to wake up Apple’s virtual assistant, your … Read more

Top 10 iPhone Hacks & Tips For 2023

iPhone Hacks 3

These 10 iPhone Hacks & Tips Will Make Your Life Way Easier IPHONE HACKS – In this article, you will learn some of the most valuable tips, tricks, and settings for the iPhone. People choose to buy iPhones for various reasons, as Apple’s smartphones offer a combination of features, design, and ecosystem that appeal to … Read more

vivo’s first satellite communication phone exposed

vivo's first satellite comm phone 1

vivo showcased its latest satellite communication prototype at MWC Shanghai 2023 on June 28, 2023. The event served as a venue for cutting-edge businesses and trailblazers to exchange the most recent ideas on the development and future of connectivity. Based on the vivo X90 Pro+ handset with custom modifications, the prototype is understood to support … Read more