iPhone: Trick To Make Battery & Data Last Longer

Guide On How To Make iPhone Battery & Data Last Longer

IPHONE – This particular iPhone configuration might be causing your battery to deplete faster and use up your data. Here’s a guide on how to turn it off.

Understanding how to deactivate Wi-Fi Assist on iOS might offer a solution to the vexing problem you’re encountering with your iPhone. Similar to many top-tier smartphones, iPhones come with a feature that enables your device to employ cellular data for enhancing internet speed in case your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. This feature is referred to as Wi-Fi Assist on iPhones.

Wi-Fi Assist can be advantageous, as it allows you to leverage the speedy 5G network of today without consuming as much data compared to using only cellular data. Nonetheless, leaving it enabled continuously without realizing it can have both positive and negative consequences.

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Whenever Wi-Fi Assist is actively boosting your Wi-Fi signal through data, it’s essentially consuming data – your own data that you pay for, which might also be restricted. If you’ve noticed yourself approaching or surpassing your allocated data limit, this feature could be the reason. At the very least, if you consistently find yourself using up your data allowance, it’s a good idea to disable this feature, even if you don’t believe it’s the primary cause of your data consumption.

Likewise, all the time Wi-Fi Assist is checking your signal strength and searching for cellular network connection to boost your speeds, it’s using the battery, so if you’re trying to eek out everything you can from a charge — perhaps if you’re traveling or haven’t got a charger nearby — knowing how to disable Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone will give you another power-saving tool.

Here’s how to disable Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

1. Go to Settings > Mobile/Cellular Service

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Launch the Settings application and select the Mobile Service option. Depending on your location, you might encounter variations such as Cellular Service, Cellular Data, or Mobile Data.

2. Toggle off Wi-Fi Assist

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Scroll downwards (you will need to scroll a significant distance, beyond all the separate applications) and switch off Wi-Fi Assist.

And that’s it. That’s essentially the whole process. You will observe that on the left side of the switch, the recorded data usage of Wi-Fi Assist is displayed.

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