Ice Seguerra on Kissing Scene with Romnick Sarmenta: “Hindi ako nag-toothbrush”

Ice Seguerra Shares Her Preparation for Her Kissing Scene with Romnick Sarmenta Singer-actress Ice Seguerra shares her alleged preparation for her kissing with veteran actor Romnick Sarmenta. Ice Seguerra allegedly did not prepare for her sumptuous kiss with Romnick Sarmenta in the web serial “Drag You & Me” according to an episode of CinemaNews. She … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta on Confidential Funds: “Patagong pag gastos, hindi kayo inuuna”

Romnick Sarmenta Throws Tirade Against Confidential Funds Actor Romnick Sarmenta throws a tirade against confidential funds claiming that people’s contributions are being misused. The actor, who is outspoken against the government’s alleged wrongdoings, discusses confidential funding on Twitter. The winner of “Best Actor” at the first Summer Metro Manila Film Festival expressed his displeasure with … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta Avoids Having Selfie w/ Sen. Bong Go?

romnick sarmenta bong go

What happened when Romnick Sarmenta met Sen. Bong Go? Rumor has it that award-winning actor Romnick Sarmenta avoided having a selfie with Senator Bong Go. The lawmaker is known for being fond of taking selfies with famous personalities in politics and the entertainment industry. He is a known ally of former President Rodrigo Duterte and … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta Talks About Being In The Industry For 46 Years

Romnick Sarmenta

In an interview, Romnick Sarmenta shares his thoughts about the industry. ROMNICK SARMENTA – Seasoned actor Romnick Sarmenta speaks about how the industry evolved having been a part of this for 46 years. Romeo Nicolas Sarmenta Tejedor or Romnick Sarmenta is among the most well-loved veteran actors in the industry. He started young and was … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta Wishes for “Pagkamulat” for All this Christmas

Romnick Sarmenta Wishes All for “Pagkamulat” This Upcoming Christmas Veteran actor Romnick Sarmenta shared on social media that his wish this upcoming Christmas is “pagkamulat” of all people. On Twitter, the actor asked everyone to pray for the approaching Christmas festivities. According to his article, “pagkamulat” of people to Jesus because he is the hand … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta Shares Poem About “Clown in Palace”

“Clown in Palace” Poem of Romnick Sarmenta Elicits Reactions Online Veteran actor Romnick Sarmenta shared a poem on his Twitter account about the “clown” who allegedly entered the palace. Due to his divisive statement, Romnick has elicited various of responses from the online community. The seasoned actor used Twitter to share a poignant poem. Romnick’s … Read more

Romnick Sarmenta Shares Thoughts on Working with KathNiel

Romnick Sarmenta is part of the new KathNiel series Seasoned actor Romnick Sarmenta shared his thoughts working with reel and real life sweethearts Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, also known as the KathNiel love team. Romnick basically grew up before the public’s eyes. It is because he started his career in showbiz at a young … Read more