Kris Bernal “Too Much Information”; Cristy Fermin Slams Actress

kris bernal cristy fermin

Is Kris Bernal over-sharing life updates on social media? Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin slammed actress Kris Bernal for allegedly sharing “too much information” on social media. It is part of the lives of celebrities to share life updates, especially now that social media is widely used by many people. Through different social media platforms, … Read more

Jinkee Pacquiao “Nagmaldita” – Cristy Fermin’s Source

jinkee pacquiao

Is it true that Jinkee Pacquiao showed a bad attitude? Celebrity Jinkee Pacquiao allegedly “nagmaldita” in front of other Filipinos in the U.S., the source of veteran entertainment writer Cristy Fermin said. With the status of former Senator Manny Pacquiao in the boxing world, as well as in the political arena, it is inevitable that … Read more

“Albularyos” Encourage Kris Aquino to Consult Over Unexplained Illness

Several Albularyos Urged Kris Aquino to Consult About Her Illness Romel Chika revealed that “albularyos” or witch doctors encourage TV host Kris Aquino to consult her unexplained illness. Romel Chika said in an episode of ‘Cristy Ferminute’ that numerous albularyo vloggers are already requesting Kris Aquino’s advice, and that it’s possible that someone is bewitching … Read more

Cristy Fermin on Vice Ganda Fierce Words for Bashers: ‘Sa bahay praning’

cristy fermin vice ganda

Cristy Fermin shared this about Vice Ganda Comedian-host Vice Ganda is allegedly “praning” behind the camera despite the fierce words he recently spewed against his bashers, veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin claimed. Just recently, a TikTok video of Vice went viral. In the video, he addressed his bashers questioning the current status of their lives … Read more