Vic Sotto Reveals He Has No Plans to Retire from Showbiz

Vic Sotto Admitted He Has No Plans to Retire from Showbiz Veteran comedian and TV host Vi Castelo Sotto, known professionally as Vic Sotto admitted he has no plans to retire. Vic Sotto Says He Has No Plans to Leave Showbiz? This was one of the questions posed to him during the press conference for the product … Read more

Lito Lapid Plans to Retire from Politics after 27 Years of Serving

Senator Lito Lapid Plans to Retire from the World of Politics Senator Manuel “Lito” Mercado Lapid announced that he plans to retire from the world of politics after 27 years of being a public servant. The actor-turned-politician announced his retirement and stated that he will not run for a higher post in the next election. … Read more

Manny Pacquiao Tells Reason Why He Cannot Retire Yet


Mayweather Is The Reason Why Manny Pacquiao Cannot Retire From Boxing MANNY PACQUIAO – Boxer-senator Manny Pacquiao said that Mayweather is one of the main reasons why he simply cannot retire just yet. In the world of politics, Manny previously opened up a possibility that he will run as President in 2022. He is currently … Read more