Lito Lapid Plans to Retire from Politics after 27 Years of Serving

Senator Lito Lapid Plans to Retire from the World of Politics

Senator Manuel “Lito” Mercado Lapid announced that he plans to retire from the world of politics after 27 years of being a public servant.

The actor-turned-politician announced his retirement and stated that he will not run for a higher post in the next election. It’s just been three years, according to the Senator, and he’s ready to leave politics.

Lito Lapid Retire Politics

He did, however, underscore that if necessary, he will continue to serve our nation. The senator stated that he has been in politics for 27 years and will be 70 in only three years.

“Wala na, wala na akong ano. Bahala na, kasi hindi ko naman tinatapos ang salita ko, baka sakaling meron pa o ano,” said Sen. Lapid on his pre-Valentine interview with showbiz press.

“Kasi 70 years old na ako pagkatapos nito. Kung ma-reelect ako, matatapos ako, 76 years old. Di ba? Kaya wala na akong inaano sa sarili ko. Basta retired na ako, okey na ako,” he said.

He also claimed that at his current age, he does not use maintenance medicine, despite the fact that he still appears young and has a powerful body. He maintains his physical fitness, according to him.

“Kasi ensayado, e. Kasi hindi ako nagpapabaya. Alam ko naman, e, saka lagi akong ready. Baka bigla akong isama sa pelikula. Kamukha niyan, nakadalawang pelikula akong tapos. Tapos bigla akong kinuha dito sa ‘Batang Quiapo’. At least nakakondisyon pa rin ang katawan ko,” the actor said.

He also stated that, despite the fact that he appears young and has a powerful body, he does not take maintenance drugs at his current age. According to him, he maintains his physical fitness.

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