Kind Customers Lauded by Restaurant Owner for Cleaning Table

Restaurant Owner Praises Kind Customers for Cleaning Table After Eating A touched restaurant owner praises kind customers for cleaning their table and arranging their plates after eating. A restaurant owner named Marcelino Galvez from Quezon City happily highlighted the wonderful act of his past customers on Facebook. The post by restaurant owner Galvez praising their … Read more

Restaurant in Baguio City Goes Viral For Giving 1-Week Vacation to All Employees


Netizens Praise Restaurant in Baguio City For Giving 1-Week Vacation to Employees A popular restaurant in Baguio City earns praise and goes viral online for giving one-week vacation leave to all employees. During the holiday season, most food businesses including restaurants became busy due to the massive amount of customers. A lot of restaurants have … Read more

Group of Customers Receive P500/Each From Company Boss “Napagkamalan na nagtatrabaho”

Group of Customers

Company Boss Gives P500 to Group of Customers Eating at Restaurant After Mistaken Them as His Employees A group of customers bring laughter online after they have receive P500 from a company boss “Napagkamalan na nagtatrabaho”. As the Christmas Day approaches, schools and offices have been holding Christmas parties over the previous weeks. Many companies have been … Read more

Restaurant Praises Customers for Leaving Table Clean after Eating

Disciplined Customers Lauded by Restaurant for Leaving Table Clean After Eating A restaurant in Tondo lauded the disciplined customers for leaving their table clean and arranged after eating. Several restaurants that offered unlimited dishes have voiced their anger at their unruly patrons over the previous few months. Despite having a “no leftover” policy, several unli … Read more

Waterside Solaire Menu and Prices Of Foods

Waterside Solaire Menu

WATERSIDE SOLAIRE MENU – Here are the foods, desserts, and beverages you can order in Solaire Waterside. Here’s the menu! The Waterside restaurant of Solaire Resort and Casino has a Latin-inspired menu. And apart from this, this place also has Sunday BBQ Brunch. Check out the prices and rates here!

Mystica Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Over Prank in Las Vegas

Mystica Becomes Emotional Explaining Her Prank in Las Vegas to Bashers The former actress Mystica becomes emotional while explaining her side to bashers after being criticized over her prank in Las Vegas. Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva or popularly known as ‘Mystica’ expresses her reactions to the harsh comments of bashers on her recent vlog where … Read more

Japanese Egg Sandwich: Visit Omotesando Koffee To Experience This

japanese egg sandwich omotesando koffee fi

Try Omotesando Koffee’s Japanese Egg Sandwich Omotesando Koffee offers a simple but delicious Japanese egg sandwich also known as the “egg sando.” This establishment made its debut in December last year. After almost a year, its popularity skyrocketed and one of the popular offerings that it has is the egg sandwich. Omotesando Koffee is located … Read more

Yakumi Menu – What’s On The Menu Of Yakumi?

Yakumi Menu

YAKUMI MENU – Here are the authentic Japanese dishes of Solaire’s Japanese restaurant and the prices of each dish. Solaire Resort and Casino Manila’s Japanese restaurant Yakumi has a wide array of choices when it comes to authentic Japanese dishes. They have several sections that feature different meals from appetizers, salad, sushi, seafood, noodles, meat, … Read more