Anne Curtis No Reaction To Liz Uy-Raymond Racaza Engagement?

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Netizens are asking why Anne Curtis did not comment on Liz Uy’s engagement post Actress-host Anne Curtis is also mentioned in the controversial engagement of stylist Liz Uy and businessman Raymond Racaza. Anne and Liz belong to the “It Girls” together with Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson. In the showbiz circle, they are considered as … Read more

Liz Uy Calls Isabelle Daza “You’re The Best Cupid”, Netizens React To This

Liz Uy

Netizens reacted after Liz Uy called Isabelle Daza as the “best cupid” in social media. LIZ UY – In a response online, “It Girls” newly-engaged member Liz Uy called Isabelle Daza, also a member, the “best cupid” after announcing engagement. A home-wrecker. That’s what many people have tagged Liz Uy as her engagement announcement made … Read more

Liz Uy Raymond Racaza Engagement: Stylist Fires Back At Bashers

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Bashers of Liz Uy Raymond Racaza Engagement have these comments Celebrity stylist Liz Uy fired back at the bashers who criticized her after she announced that she and boyfriend businessman Raymond Racaza are now engaged. Avid showbiz fans are quite familiar with the story about Liz and Raymond. Their relationship was revealed to the public … Read more

Liz Uy-Raymond Racaza Relationship: Alex Gonzaga Reveals This

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Alex Gonzaga speaks about the relationship between Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga made a revelation about the relationship between celebrity stylist Liz Uy and businessman Raymond Racaza. In a recent Instagram post of Liz, she revealed that she and Raymond are now engaged. Last September, the couple celebrated the third birthday of … Read more

Liz Uy Engaged To BF vs. Ging Zamora’s Engagement Announcement

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“Liz Uy engaged” news, the same day of Ging Zamora’s engagement announcement? Liz Uy Engaged – Celebrity stylist Liz Uy shared a post on her Instagram account announcing her engagement to boyfriend Raymond Racaza and a few hours later, the announcement that Dr. Ging Zamora got engaged also surfaced. Although Liz and Ging are not … Read more