Ging Zamora Social Media Hiatus, Is This Because Of Liz Uy Issue?

Ging Zamora says she’ll have her social media hiatus

Dr. Ging Zamora said in her recent Instagram Story that she will have a social media hiatus and this happened amid the Liz Uy issue.

The name of the celebrity stylist has become a trending topic on social media after she announced her engagement to businessman Raymond Racaza who is the ex-husband of the doctor.

Ging Zamora-Racaza

Since the time when Liz revealed that she and Raymond already have a baby named Xavi, who is now three years old, netizens have been speaking ill of their relationship.

They were accused of cheating against the doctor. Although Dr. Ging has not addressed this issue directly, her friends have been speaking on her behalf regarding what “happened”.

Liz explained in an interview in 2018 that she and Raymond met when the latter’s marriage was on the rocks. She defended that there was no cheating that happened as she was answering her bashers on Instagram.

Just a few hours after Liz Uy posted her engagement announcement, a popular showbiz news site also shared a photo of Dr. Ging Zamora with her now fiance Lauro Abrahan IV.

Because of this, the online community has been talking about this since October 28. More names have been dragged to this issue such as Liz’s fellow “It Girls” Isabelle Daza and Anne Curtis.

Amid this issue, Dr. Ging has remained silent. She even mentioned in her IG Story that she will be going to have her social media hiatus. “Was going to do a social media hiatus but I must share this,” she wrote.

ging zamora post

The doctor showed what she got from @amaisieinggoodies. Is she doing her hiatus on social media because of the Liz Uy issue?

What can you say about this?

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