Raul Dillo Achieved His Dream “Tricycle” from Bernadette Sembrano

Bernadette Sembrano Gives the Dream “Tricycle” of Raul Dillo Season broadcast journalist Bernadette Sembrano gives the dream tricycle of “Filipino Kapre” actor Raul Dillo. Raul Dillo, also known as Pinoy Kapre or Frankenstein in Pinoy films and television shows, burst into tears when he saw Bernadette Sembrano’s surprise tricycle for him. Recently, Raul was visited … Read more

Raul Dillo Shares Updates on the Offer Received from Coco Martin

Filipino Kapre Raul Dillo Reveals Updates from the offer of Coco Martin and Batang Quiapo RAUL DILLO- the famous Filipino Kapre in movies shared some updates about the offer he received from actor-director Coco Martin. The former professional basketball player and actor revealed further details about the offer he received from ABS-top-rated CBN’s show ‘FPJ’s … Read more

RAUL DILLO: Famous “Kapre” Receives Offer from Coco Martin

Raul Dillo Coco Martin

Known “Kapre” Raul Dillo Revealed He Received Offer from Coco Martin RAUL DILLO – Renowned “Kapre” of the Philippine cinema revealed that he already received an offer from actor-director Coco Martin. Dillo went popular on social media after pleading with the public to assist him in reaching his call to “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” director. After … Read more

VIDEO: Raul “Kapre” Dillo Appeals for Help to Coco Martin

Raul “Kapre” Dillo Goes Viral After He Calls Out Coco Martin to Ask for Help Raul Dillo, popularly known as “Kapre” in Philippine movies, recently went viral on social media after calling on Coco Martin to help him. Dillo revealed that he is now seeking therapy owing to his current situation. Dillo has called for … Read more