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VIDEO: Raul “Kapre” Dillo Appeals for Help to Coco Martin

VIDEO: Raul “Kapre” Dillo Appeals for Help to Coco Martin

Raul “Kapre” Dillo Goes Viral After He Calls Out Coco Martin to Ask for Help

Raul Dillo, popularly known as “Kapre” in Philippine movies, recently went viral on social media after calling on Coco Martin to help him.

Dillo revealed that he is now seeking therapy owing to his current situation. Dillo has called for help on Batang Quiapo actor and director Coco Martin. Dillo, who frequently appears as a cop in television and film, wishes to return to show business in order to supplement his income.

That video swiftly spread on social media because of netizens’ desire to reach Coco Martin. He stated that he is currently unemployed. He stated that he stopped selling dishes such as Lugaw, Pansit, Tinapa, Longganisa, and others after becoming ill.

Raul Dillo Coco Martin

As a result, the owner has towed or removed the trike he was selling since he could no longer afford it. Raul has two elementary school-aged children and is depressed since he can no longer support and care for his family’s everyday requirements.

“Sana po ako po ay inyong mapansin. Ako po ay humihingi talaga ng tulong. Magkaroon po sana ako ng panimula muli para po sa aking pamilya. Dahil may pamilya po ako ng umaasa rin sa’kin,” he shared in his video

Several netizens argued that Raul has a chance because it has become one of the themes of the actor/teleserye director’s to offer veteran actors a chance to act and be noticed on TV again. Raul Dillo, at 7’3″, is the tallest Filipino ever documented.

He was a member of the University of the East Red Warriors’ basketball training team in college and played for the San Juan Knights in MBA. He appeared in horror and humor films from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, and he once entered the PBB House as Frankenstein.

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