Security Guard Earns Praises Online for Babysitting Client’s Child

Security Guard

Netizens Praise Security Guard for Babysitting Client’s Child A kind-hearted security guard earns praises and admiration online for babysitting the child of client at PSA. Security guards are employees hired by various business establishments or agencies to secure properties, wealth and individuals. They are usually tasked to implement peace and order under their area of jurisdiction. … Read more

Guy w/ Unreadable Name in Birth Certificate Goes Viral

Birth Certificate

Guy Airs Dismay Over His Unreadable name in Birth Certificate A disappointed guy goes viral and brings laughter online after posting his unreadable name in birth certificate. A Facebook user named Luis Paulo Granada Geolin has shared the video footage of his unreadable name in his birth certificate. The entertaining video clip elicits reactions from … Read more

Duterte Approves Full Foreign Ownership of Telcos in PH

Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Pres. Duterte Signs Amendment of PSA Involving the Telcos Ownership DUTERTE – Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte approved the amendment in the Public Service Act (PSA) allowing full foreign ownership of telcos in the Philippines. The 76-year-old President is currently in his last few weeks in office. However, there are still loads of work daily … Read more

2 Men Arrested for Selling Fake Birth Certificates in Front of PSA Office

2 Men Offering Fake Birth Certificates in Front of PSA Office Arrested in Quezon City Police authorities arrested two (2) men allegedly offering fake birth certificates in front of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) office in Quezon City. According to the complaint, the two were seen in front of the PSA Pinahan office in Quezon … Read more

PSA Warns Public Against Fixers, Phishing Scam Circulating Online

PSA Warns Public Against Fixers Offering National ID Services Online The Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) warns the public against the fixers offering Philippine ID registration online and phishing scams. The PSA has issued a caution to applicants to stay away from fixers who charge fees for registration services in order to get Philippine Identification (PhilID) … Read more

PSA Reminded Public Against the Fake National ID Registration Sites

PSA Warns Public Against Alleged Fake Registration Sites of National ID The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has warned the public against the fake registration sites of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) for national ID. Because certain bogus sites and Facebook pages purportedly appear to be representatives of PhilSys, the PSA has issued a public service … Read more

PSA Experiences Technical Issues During 1st Day of Online National ID Registration

Online Nation ID Registration

1st Day of Online National ID Registration Hampered by Technical Problems, PSA Says The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) experienced technical difficulties during the first day of online national ID registration. On Friday (April 30, 2021), PSA said that the technical team experienced problems on the first day of the online registration for the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) or … Read more

2 10-year-old Girls Gave Birth, Youngest Early Pregnancy Case in PH

Youngest Early Pregnancy Case in 2 10-year-old Girls Registered in NCR, Calabarzon The Civil Registry Statistics of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has registered two (2) 10-year-old girls who gave birth recently, which is the youngest case of early pregnancy. The Commission on Population and Development was alarmed by the report of the PSA that … Read more

National ID House-to-House Pre-registration to Start on October

House-to-House Pre-registration of National ID Eyed to Start on October The house-to-house pre-registration process for the National ID System may start on October, says Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) may begin the house-to-house pre-registration process for the National ID System in October in preparation for the scheduled mass registration, according to … Read more