Mayor Alice Guo’s Filipino Mom May Not Exist At All – PSA Official

PSA Official Says Mayor Alice Guo Filipino Birth Mother May Be Fictitious

MAYOR ALICE GUO – An official of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) told senators that Mayor Alice Guo’s supposed birth mother may be fictitious.

Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo’s inconsistent stories regarding her background have sparked further inquiries into her citizenship, particularly after an official from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) informed senators that her alleged Filipino birth mother might not exist.

During the Senate hearing on Philippine offshore gaming operator (POGO) activities in her municipality, Guo reiterated that she never personally knew her biological mother and only learned her name from the birth certificate her father showed her in 2005.

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As she previously stated in a televised interview, Mayor Alice Guo asserted that she was the offspring of her mother, Amelia Leal, who was purportedly employed as a housekeeper by her father, Jian Zhong Guo, a Chinese national who later used the Filipino name Angelito.

“But I never met her,” Guo said in response to Senator Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian’s question.

“My mother left me with my father and I grew up inside a farm,” Guo said, adding that she was the only child of her parents.

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However, Senator Risa Hontiveros, who has been at the forefront of the hearing, pointed out that according to Guo’s birth certificate, her parents were married and she had two siblings.

Referring to the documents acquired by her office, the senator highlighted that the mayor’s siblings, Sheila and Siemen, shared the middle name Leal, casting doubt on Guo’s assertion that her mother deserted her after birth.

She said that because Guo’s parents were classified as “married” on October 14, 1982, her birth certificate refuted her account.

“How come they were married when you claim that your birth mother is just the housekeeper of your father?” Hontiveros asked the mayor.

Guo emphasized that she did not prepare her birth certificate, which is why she did not know the contents. She appeared tight as she battled her emotions.

“As much as possible, I don’t want to tell you that ‘I did not know.’ But I really don’t know the answers,” the mayor told the senator.

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