Prankster Tukomi Charged by PNP Following K1dnap Prank

PNP Files Case Against Prankster Vloggers Tukomi Following Viral K1dnap Prank Content creator prankster Tukomi was charged by the Philippine National Police (PNP) following the controversial “K1dnap Prank”. The cops sampled a controversial prankster group after they went viral for their kidnapping on public prank. Tukomi became famous after a police officer jumped into the … Read more

Cop on Tukomi “Kidnap Prank” Speak out: “Hindi maganda, wag niyong tangkilikin”

Cop who Takes Action Against the “Kidnap Prank” of Tukomi Gives Statement The cop who takes action against the “kidnap prank” of content creator Tukomi gives a statement regarding the risky prank. Recently, the prankster content creator “Tukomi” has become divisive on social media due to their near-death experience as a result of their publicity … Read more

Passenger Arrested Over Bomb Joke in MRT-3 Station

Cops Arrested a Passenger for Dropping Bomb Joke in MRT-3 Station Police authorities arrested a prankster passenger for dropping a bomb joke in Metro Railway Transit Station 3 (MRT-3). A man who was joking about a bomb inside a train station was brought to the local police station. According to MRT-3 management, the man was … Read more

Leni Robredo’s Office Received P100k of Groceries Due to Prank Order

Leni Robredo’s Office Falls Victim to Prank Order after Receiving P100k Worth of Groceries Vice President Leni Robredo’s office received P100k worth of groceries they allegedly didn’t order after falling victim to prank order scams. On Twitter, VP spokesperson Barry Gutierrez revealed that the OVP was the victim of a prank order scheme with presidential … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Slams Crazy Prankster After Making Prank Call to Firefighters

Disappointed Netizen

Disappointed Netizen Criticizes Crazy Prankster After Pranking Firefighters HEARTLESS PRANKSTER – A disappointed netizen lambasted a crazy prankster after making a ‘prank call’ to firefighters in San Juan City. Fire is one of the most unexpected incidents happening in various regions all around the world. It could take lives and destroy properties. It can also … Read more

VIRAL: Man Dressed As Ronald Eats McDonald Meals Inside Jollibee

Man Ronald 1

Man Dressed As Ronald Eats McDonald Meals Inside Jollibee Goes Viral MAN – A man dressed up as Ronald was eating McDonald meals inside Jollibee went viral. Jollibee and McDonald fast food chains are considered rivals. They are loved by most of the Filipinos especially the children. McDonald’s is known for its delicious french fries … Read more