Vlogger Report Zeinab Harake to Raffy Tulfo for Being a Scammer

Zeinab Harake Accused of Being a Scammer, A Vlogger Report to Raffy Tulfo A vlogger report social media influencer Zeinab Harake for being a scammer to veteran journalist Raffy Tulfo’s action program. Famous vlogger and social media influencer Zeinab Harake was reported by her vlogger friend Wilbert Tolentino. Tolentino accused Zeinab for being a scammer … Read more

PNP Chief Sinas to Investigate “Arresto Aguinaldo” Prank of Cebu City Cops

MGen. Debold Sinas to Look Into “Arresto Aguinaldo” Prank of Cebu City Police Philippine National Police (PNP) chief MGen. Debold Sinas said he will investigate “arresto aguinaldo” prank of Cebu City police. Sinas said in an interview with CNN, he will conduct an investigation on the controversial “arresto aguinaldo” prank made by the policemen in … Read more

Buboy Villar Prank to Jelai Andres Gone Wrong, Nearly Caught by Police

Buboy Villar Nearly Caught by Police After Jelai Andres Prank Gone Wrong GMA-7 actor-comedian Buboy Villar nearly caught by barangay police after his prank to vlogger Jelai Andres went gone too far. Buboy Villar is one of the fastest-growing vloggers in the Philippines. The young actor started his Youtube channel just last year, but now … Read more

Heartless Customer Pranks 30 Delivery Riders to Non-Existent Address

Heartless Customer

30 Delivery Riders Get Frustrated After Pranked by a Heartless Customer to Non-Existent Address A heartless customer pranked over 30 delivery riders to a non-existent address, all of them were frustrated after realizing the fake booking. Nowadays, a lot of delivery workers are expressing their disappointment towards customers who were canceling their orders and making … Read more

WATCH: Nico Bolzico Accidentally Did This To His Eyebrow

Nico Bolzico was shocked after this happened Argentine businessman and social media personality Nico Bolzico accidentally did this to his eyebrow and his video received various reactions from netizens. The avid followers of Nico on Instagram would know that most of his posts are funny and with witty captions. These are aside from promotional posts … Read more