Over P400k was Spend on Shopping When Ivana Alawi was Pranked by His Brother

Actress and social media influencer Ivana Alawi spend over P400,000 on shopping after being pranked by his brother Hash Alawi.

Hash Alawi pranked Ivana Alawi in her most recent vlog, which was released on June 18. Ivana’s alleged “who’s going to pay challenge” for the two of them and Hash ended up in a joke, according to her most recent video.

Ivana Alawi Pranked by Hash

That was the day they went out again, this time with Mama Alawi, who they went shopping with. They completed the challenge by making pieces of paper with Hash’s name printed on them and placing them in the box.

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The cashier draws a name every time someone buys or pays, and that is the payer. They initially went to a restaurant, where Ivana spent roughly Php 10,000 right away.

They then went shopping for Php37,000 worth of garments, which Ivana paid for with the cash register. Ivana was the one to pull out even when the goods were over Php11,000 in the footwear retailers.

Hash, on the other hand, is the one who pulls out when they only buy milk tea at a price that is significantly more than previous purchases. Even though she was a little taken aback, the actress didn’t seem to notice. Ivana was compensated even when they bought jewels that they sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially for their Mama Alawi.

They just admitted it was a joke when they arrived home. Hash claimed that he had replaced all of the pieces of paper in the box with Ivana’s name so that they only drew her sister’s name.

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